Online Strategy Development

Developing a Strategy

A successful inbound marketing strategy is contingent upon a well-designed website, designing for conversion, coupled with excellent, relevant content. Inbound marketing grabs the attention of customers, makes your company easy to be found and draws customers to your website by producing interesting content. Inbound marketing is responsible for being the “voice” of the company through blogs, podcasts, videos, eBooks, newsletters, whitepapers, social media marketing and other forms of content. Content is the fuel that drives inbound marketing. Content is a conversation starter, a problem solver and a great way to develop an online presence.

Build an inbound marketing strategy by creating content:

Create interesting content for your audience

Write blog posts

Become active in industry LinkedIn groups

Write non-commercial whitepapers with useful content

Create useful and shareable content for Twitter

Create webinars

Update your website with relevant content regularly

Work with thought leaders to create stories that attract and influence different audiences

This infographic below will gives a tried-and-true process for creating a succesful online strategy: